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Motivation - Carrots and sticks are sooooo 20th century.

Did you read The Saber-tooth Curriculum? I'm revisiting the classic.

A whirlwind of grading thoughts.

Different Approaches. A CCSS writing standard and key to metacognition.

Sherman Alexie's Apology.. and more Author's Craft.

An author's craft joke. Yes, really.

Mistakes were made. Use the DOE's action in response to formatting errors to reflect on your grading practices.

Grit and CRISS: I had to talk about it eventually.

Craft and Structure - This Mo Willems article is awesome.

Music Class and Memories: (Barn)Storming the Doorway Effect.

Authentic Texts (aka Beyond textbooks and primary sources).

Modeling metacognition with your own readings.

Bringing the magic of picture books and rigor of Common Core to high school students.

How do you reflect with the K crowd?

Experiment on your loved ones: The importance of modeling or writing or both.

Sticky Notes with Debates and Discussions

Padlet, Google Classroom, and Slack. #NewTools #Ideas #Questioning #AmIDoingThisRight #Hashtag

It's awfully quiet in the blog. But not in real life.

What's lingering in your classroom library? Analyze for diversity.

Pattern Puzzles: My favorite strategy.

Fostering creativity.

What does an A mean? What is a C? Grade your grading.

I started reading End of Average and my brain is already spinning.

A different way to Jigsaw.

Curious, peculiar, strange, odd, fantastical, interesting, mildly amusing vocabulary.

A lot of people ask us how CRISS works with the Danielson Framework. Short answer: Good teaching is good teaching. Long answer: This blog post.

EdTech is exciting! Excel is boring! So if Excel is also edtech does that make this entry exciting or boring?

KWL is an familiar and useful strategy that can easily fall flat. Don't give up on them until you read this entry!

Do infants show metacognition? Consider using this article with older students to spur discussion.