Connections to Other Initiatives

Based on research in education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, Project CRISS is a practical means to implement what we know about how people learn. CRISS meshes well with a variety of education initiatives that focus on student empowerment and teacher effectiveness.

  • The CRISS introductory workshop and follow-up options explicitly address how to implement Common Core State Standards – focusing on the HOW of learning.

  • Key elements of Marzano’s Classroom Instruction that Works are incorporated into CRISS. Here are articles by CRISS educators sharing some of the links:

  • Project CRISS provides clear direction in how to implement many components of the Danielson Framework, including Domain 1: a, b, c, e, and f; Domain 2: a, b, and c; Domain 3: a, b, c, d, and e; and Domain 4: a. Look here for an extended article on the crossover:

Here are articles by CRISS educators and staff on other initiatives: