Get more out of your Project CRISS implementation by offering layers of professional development. Here are a few more options.


Leadership is vital to effective school improvement, including Project CRISS. This six to twelve-hour workshop addresses how to prepare staff for the initiative, how to support implementation, and how to sustain CRISS for the most powerful impact on student learning. The administrator and teacher leadership team work to create a three-year implementation plan which considers climate and culture, stakeholder involvement, resource allocation, instructional best practices, and project evaluation.

Materials: Project CRISS: CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies, 4e, and a workshop materials packet

Costs include trainer honorarium, travel, and materials fees.

Administrators should attend an Introduction to Project CRISS workshop OR schedule a six hour session in addition to the six to twelve hour administrator workshop.

Project CRISS now offers a 12-hour, ISBE-approved Administrator Academy in Illinois.


Mastery of effective teaching plan design takes practice. Trainer-facilitated sessions are tailored to the needs and budget of individual schools or clients, and may include CRISS Framework for Teaching and Learning review, lesson analysis, team planning time, demonstration lessons, facilitated planning time, etc. The CRISS trainer will provide models, guide questions, and other resources to support teachers through lesson design. The CRISS Framework for Teaching planning process incorporates backward design and ways to evaluate standards implementation.

Costs include trainer honorarium, travel, and copy fees. Some optional instructional resources are available for purchase.

Participation in this workshop requires prior attendance at an Introduction to Project CRISS workshop within the last 18 months.


Trainer-facilitated follow-up workshops help focus teaching and learning on best practices for different audiences. The CRISS National Office staff will help you identify exactly what you need for the greatest positive impact on student learning. Here are some of the options. Don’t see what you need? Ask us!

  • Project CRISS Refresher If it’s been a while and you want the latest edition of the CRISS manual, or you are working toward a deeper understanding of the CRISS Frameworks for Teaching and Learning, the refresher offers a general audience a review of the Frameworks and a modeled Framework for Teaching plan. (6 hours)

  • CRISS & the Common Core Embed this in a CRISS refresher, or work through the standards and a CRISS Framework for Teaching plan for an explicit model of effective Common Core instruction. Participants analyze and design lessons using CRISS and the Common Core. (6-12 hours)

    Use the 4e manual or Engaging with Complex Text : Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Writing with Project CRISS Principles and Strategies with Common Core implementation support (LIMITED TO SUPPLY ON HAND).

    Not in a Common Core state? Contact us about standards implementation using Project CRISS.

  • Content Discipline Implementation If students are encountering new content information, the Project CRISS Frameworks for Teaching and Learning can help them. Subject-specific workshops are available for a variety of content areas and trainers can provide support sessions for teachers in any area. (2-6 hours)

    Examples of follow-up session topics include using primary documents, author study on Sherman Alexie, Introducing students to The Things They Carried, scientific inquiry, physical fitness, and vocational arts.

  • CRISS for Elementary Teachers Project CRISS applies for all learners, but it may look a bit different – especially at the elementary level. Follow-up support sessions can be tailored to specific grade level groupings (e.g., K-1, 2-3, 4-5) or generalized to address a broader audience. (6+ hours)

  • CRISS Framework for Learning Focus It often helps to target one specific element of the Framework. CRISS Trainers can provide models, activities, and instructional support on a focus area such as Writing, Discussion, Questioning, Organizing, or on a broader Framework component: Prepare, Engage, or Reflect.

Costs for follow-up include trainer honorarium, travel, and materials/copy fees.

Participation in these workshops requires prior attendance at an Introduction to Project CRISS workshop.


CRISS National Office staff and our cadre of National and Master Trainers have a wealth of experience to assist school leaders. Contact us if you are implementing a Project CRISS initiative and need support with School Improvement Planning, data analysis, grant writing or review, establishing a secondary reading program or class, involving stakeholders (parents, community members, etc.) in school initiatives, or school re-visioning and reform.