Implementation Support

Order Project CRISS support products by EMAILING THE CRISS OFFICE or give us a call. We're sorry but we no longer carry the CRISS Presentations Materials CD, CRISS Cornerstones or CRISS for Administrators.

CRISS FOR TEACHERS CRISS Reference Guide for Teachers

Project CRISS Reference Guide for Teachers

This full-color flipbook provides an overview of the core principles and philosophy underlying the CRISS Framework for Learning, explanations and examples of 19 high-impact strategies, and extensions appropriate across all grade levels and content areas. Whether or not teachers have attended an Introduction to Project CRISS workshop, this quick reference guide is an excellent resource for planning instruction that incorporates modeling, think alouds, and a gradual release of responsibility for student self-directed learning.

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CRISS Learning Poster Sets

These 19”x25” student-friendly color posters highlight strategy processes and the CRISS Principles and Philosophy. Five topics (each contains six posters): Basics, Discussion, Organizing for Learning, Strategies for Learning, and Vocabulary. Available as a full package of 30 or in individual topic sets. LIMITED SUPPLY AVAILABLE

CRISS Learning Poster Set 1CRISS Learning Poster Set 2CRISS Learning Poster Set 3CRISS Learning Poster Set 4CRISS Learning Poster Set 5CRISS Learning Poster Set 6

CRISS At a Glance for Teachers Desk Card

CRISS At a Glance for Teachers Desk Card

This laminated 8.5x11" desk card displays the CRISS Framework for Teaching, instructional reminders, prompts for planning and teaching, and high-impact strategy ideas “at a glance”. A great planning tool for teaching and learning, this resource is appropriate for teachers of all grade levels and content areas. Whole-staff discounts available.


CRISS Learning Poster Set - GNP edition

CRISS Framework for Learning Posters – Featuring Glacier National Park

Highlighting the beauty and wonder of America’s Jewel of the Continent, this set of four, 11”x17” CRISS Framework for Learning posters includes gorgeous images of Glacier National Park scenery and wildlife photographed by Hike734 video blogger, Jake Bramante. The images act as visual analogies to help students remember. Appropriate for all ages! Comes with 2-page guide.




The Project CRISS online resource area provides users with tools to implement CRISS with students at all grade levels and in all content areas. This section of our website has classroom-ready reproducibles noted in the 4th edition manual.

One year of online access is provided to anyone who attends a 4e Introduction to Project CRISS workshop. Individuals or districts may re-subscribe after one year for a small fee. Site license available.


CRISS for Parents - English EditionCRISS for Parents - Spanish Edition

CRISS For Parents

This full-color flipbook includes an overview of the CRISS Principles and Philosophy and explanations and examples of over 16 of the most popular strategies. This is a great resource to get parents involved in supporting their students at home. Available in English and Spanish.

Project CRISS offers a Project CRISS for Parents workshop. During the workshop, parents are introduced to the CRISS principles and some of the learning strategies and receive the flipbook. Contact the CRISS National Office for more information.

The flipbook may be purchased without attending a workshop.

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CRISS for Homeschool Parents

CRISS For Homeschool Parents

This booklet for parents and their children has an introduction to the Project CRISS Principles of Learning and provides a variety of ways to organize, write, and discuss content information. The principles and strategies presented represent the process for learning, not the content. Parents should work with their children to encourage them to always use the principles of learning, as these tools help students become independent learners. (Limited availability.)

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