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Project CRISS has active trainers in Canada and over 30 U.S. states. We have three tiers of trainers: District, National, and Master. These trainers are certified through Project CRISS, and must maintain their status to ensure quality delivery of CRISS professional development.

If you want to offer Project CRISS professional development to your school or district, you will need to start your initiative with a CRISS National or Master Trainer.

Master Trainers are certified to facilitate Introduction to Project CRISS workshops, follow-up workshops, consulting services, and Project CRISS Training of Trainers workshops for sustained implementation in any school, district, region, or state in the United States or Canada. Master Trainer certification is by invitation.

National Trainers complete rigorous certification requirements and are certified to facilitate Introduction to Project CRISS workshops, follow-up training, and consulting services. District Trainers interested in becoming a National Trainer should contact the Project CRISS National Office.

District Trainers complete certification requirements to work within their schools and districts to deliver high quality Introduction to Project CRISS workshops and implementation support. They work with other District Trainers, administrators, and teacher-leaders to maintain CRISS implementation as part of an effective, embedded, long-term initiative. District Trainers usually work as an employee of a school or district, although some work for regional agencies, universities, service centers, or cooperatives. Read more about the District Trainer certification process here.

Master and National Trainer Listings

Contact one of the trainers listed below or the CRISS National Office (CNO) by phone at 1-877-502-7477 or email us at info@projectcriss.com to start the process of bringing Project CRISS to your institution. We will discuss your needs and find the right trainer for you!

Please note: Only Master & National Trainers are qualified to train out of their home district. Regional District trainers are approved to train within their home region.

Dr. Debra Franciosi, Director & Master Trainer
CRISS National Office
Experience: English Language Arts & Reading, 6-10 Literacy Specialist, Social Studies, University, Educational Leadership; Guiding learning for 21st century learners across all demographics

Carol Avery, Master Trainer
The Woodlands, TX
Experience: Thirty years in elementary and secondary education, school administrator K-8, currently Supervisor for pre-service teachers; experienced CRISS Trainer since 1997.

Jeff Means, Master Trainer
Alachua, FL
Experience: Literacy, critical thinking skills, and learning strategies; mentoring and supporting life-long learners across all demographics, age groups, and learning levels.

Ken Miller, Master Trainer
Indiana, Illinois, Michigan
Experience: Thirty years in secondary and elementary school administration; teaching experience at high school and college level; CRISS trainer since 2006.

Dr. Raymond C. Jones, National Trainer
North Carolina & Virginia
Experience: K-12: high school history, civics, and economics; middle school social studies and language arts. University: full-time director of secondary social studies education; adjunct professor for reading and comprehension. Consulting and professional development for K-12 administrators, coaches, specialists, teacher leaders, and classroom teachers: instructional leadership, coaching, observation tools, data collection, feedback, evaluation, instructional planning and design, and literacy strategies. CRISS trainer since 1993.

Bruce Marshall, National Trainer
San Antonio, TX

Dr. Deborah M. Fetzer, National Trainer

Cinda Trexler, National Trainer
Bay County, FL

Emily Meints-Mosciano, National Trainer
Chicago area, IL

Debbie Behling, Regional (District) Trainer
Houston, TX

Do you want training or have a small number of staff you want trained? Project CRISS now offers regional Introduction to Project CRISS workshops. We will work with you to identify an existing training check our calendar here or to arrange a regional training in your area. Minimum and maximum registration numbers apply. Contact us by phone at 1-877-502-7477 or email for more information.