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Summer 2015

This edition of Comments from CRISS focuses on our Frameworks. See how the Framework for Learning applies not only to a multi-day lesson but to each day in the lesson, read about the nuances between the Frameworks, and how our new posters help students remember the Framework for Learning. Additionally, learn about tech tools shared by our trainers and learn how one trainer successfully modeled a new strategy for her students!
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Winter 2015

In this issue of Comments from CRISS, read how two math teachers incorporated the CRISS Frameworks into their lessons; identify ways to integrate your CRISS classroom with technology; compare the virtues of Read-and-Say-Something and Read-and-Explain for engaging students with text; and learn about our latest Texas Figure 19 workshop, online learning opportunities, and product offerings.
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Winter 2013

In this issue of Comments from CRISS, we share two CRISS Framework for Teaching plans that touch on technology; one focusing on a strategy called Deep Viewing, and one using Mobi tablets. Additionally, teachers from a Florida district share with us how they’ve modified Spool Papers, and we examine the complexities of Purpose Setting.
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Fall 2012

In the Fall 2012 Comments, we share essential information regarding the Common Core standards to help you integrate them into your classrooms alongside Project CRISS. National Trainers share with us how CRISS is being used in second grade classrooms to conduct research projects and by struggling students working to improve their metacognition. Other National Trainers refresh your memory of critical portions of the Level I training and a school psychologist shares a lesson plan used with some students on her caseload.
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Spring 2012

In this issue of Comments from CRISS, learn how CRISS-trained teachers use a variety of strategies to facilitate deep content learning for students in STEM courses.
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