CRISS and the Common Core

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Engaging with Complex Text: Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Writing with Project CRISS Principles and Strategies

Engaging with Complex Text - cover

When Project CRISS is done well, it is the reform initiative for integrating the Common Core into a school system. This book shows how Project CRISS implementation is the practical means to achieve the goals and expectations specified in the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards and the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards.

Engaging with Complex Text builds on the ideas presented in the CRISS manual, highlights principles and strategies that address the close reading demands of the Common Core, and adds new strategies and adaptations to specifically target the standards for reading and writing. In this book you will discover:

  • How the CRISS Frameworks for Teaching and Learning guide students to become independent readers and learners with all types of written materials.
  • Tools to identify and work with author’s craft and perspective.
  • Reading and writing strategies to engage students with complex text.
  • Strategies to determine central ideas.
  • Teacher- and student-developed questions to focus, challenge, and engage students with text.
  • Organizing formats to delineate and evaluate arguments.
  • Steps for each strategy to introduce, model, and guide students to successful implementation.
  • Reflection prompts to help students be metacognitive about their own learning and how their learning processes directly link to the standards for reading and writing.

This practical resource will help secondary educators across the curriculum who expect students to read and write content - whether they are experienced CRISS implementers or first year teachers.

(Empower Lifelong Learning, Inc., 2014) 8½ " x 11", 101 pages.

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