What is CRISS?

This entry isn't a witty written explanation of CRISS. It's a 23-minute webinar. If you are new to CRISS or even familiar but you're struggling to keep a hold on the BIG PICTURE, you may find this useful. In the video, I take you through a super brief intro to what CRISS is, an overview of how the workshop works, and the workshop goals. Then, we go through a mini-lesson where you learn what we mean by the Project CRISS Framework for Learning. This is an activity that some trainers (like me) do in our live workshops... but because it's a recorded webinar, there isn't any discussion or back and forth. It's meant to be active to reserve a little bit of extra time to give the activities justice.

At the end, you'll be able to better articulate how YOU approach tough content (your own Framework for Learning), compare that to the research-based CRISS Framework for Learning, and you'll experience a lesson that follows the CRISS Framework for Learning. We use one familiar and one possibly new strategy and show a slew of student samples at the end.

Click HERE for the webinar. You will need this password: CRISS1.

Do you want more information about the Framework for Learning and our related Framework for Teaching? Check out the article starting on page 9 here.

Want to discuss it in terms of CRISS? Contact us at info@projectcriss.com or tweet your comment to us @ProjectCRISS. We'll add comments here!